When and where it all started

As a mother of two wonderful children, I am always concern about the environment that my children are spending their time in. so I created learning spaces in my home so that my children can enter preschool with a sense of wonder and a love of learning. Over the years and in an effort to be the best parent that I can be, I gradually transitioned from the business and finance industry and started to build my knowledge base in early childhood education.

This has heightened my sensitivity to value early learners and to see children as a clear whiteboard with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. This can only happen when children have learning spaces that create experiences that are engaging and enjoyable. This means allowing children to have positive experiences that would guide their decision-making skills and to feel competent and confident in their choices as they explore.

As an early childhood educator, I am routinely monitoring the learning spaces to ensure that I am offering early learners engaging and enjoyable learning experiences that would fuel their intellect and build their confidence.

The learning environment for early learners should connect children’s growing needs and interest in learning as well as integrate learning in the various developmental domains.
We believe that children learn their best when they have the ability to explore and interact in their learning environment at their own pace and time. We further believe that their learning environment should be enriched with high-quality learning that is clearly defined and enriched. Hence our reasons for aiming to provide classroom spaces/centers that house a variety of learning materials for
your child to use as tools for their individualized disciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning. Hence the creation of Carter’s Family Child Care Home, Carter’s Early Learning Academy, LLC, and My Space and Early Learning Time, LLC.